Eric Bainbridge in his studio

Eric Bainbridge

A portrait of Simeon Barclay holding a transparent overhead projector acrylic that says 'plus so much more' backwards in marker pen in front of his face.

Simeon Barclay

A woman with brown hair sat on the floor looking directly to camera surrounded by numerous laser-cut metal panels

Hazel Brill

James Cabaniuk in front of their work

James Cabaniuk

Marcus Coates in front of a swirling green abstract painting wearing a red t-shirt and blue latex gloves

Marcus Coates

Jacob Dahlgren sat within his metal pink sculpture

Jacob Dahlgren

Sooim Jeong in her studio

Sooim Jeong

Joel Kyack in Hong Kong

Joel Kyack

A portrait of Laura Lancaster

Laura Lancaster

Rachel Lancaster in her studio

Rachel Lancaster

Robin Megannity in his studio

Robin Megannity

James Prapaithong in his studio

James Prapaithong

Matt Stokes in his studio

Matt Stokes